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Urban Water for Urban Agriculture – Book release

ROOF WATER-FARM, Publication print + online!!! see more:

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urban design & communication

Guest Professorship at TU Berlin 2018/2019: contact

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results published

see the website for our results, publications and news about ROOF WATER-FARM!

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Published. A study about  spaces of creative use in Vienna, Austria

What potential offer creative spaces for urban development in Vienna? The results of the strategy research report are now available in printed form.

Overmeyer, K.; Frech S.; Knödler, L.; Scheuvens, R.; Steglich, A.; Ratzenböck, V.; Kopf, X. (2014): Räume kreativer Nutzungen. Potenziale für Wien., Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Nürnberg, ISBN 978-3-86984-085-7

Cooperation: Teresa-Elisa Morandini, Tihomir Viderman (TU Wien/ SKuOR)

Publisher: departure. Wirtschaftsagentur Wien.

Here you can read/ download the e-version or buy the book:

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Published and awarded for the best presentation.

Million, A.; Bürgow, G.; Steglich, A.; Raber, W. (2014) ROOF WATER-FARM: Participatory and Multifunctional Infrastructures for Urban Neighborhoods. In: Roggema, R. and Keffe, G. (Eds.)   ISBN 978-90-822451-2-7, pp. 659-678

Here you can check the conference program and participants.

Published in summer 2014.
Bürgow, G.; Million, A.; Steglich, A. (2014) ROOF WATER-FARM: Frisches Wasser und Frischer Fisch vom Dach bis zum Fluss. In: Stadt + Grün 7/2014, S. 35-38

Here you can order the issue:

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applied research & communication // in cooperation with Urban Design // TU Berlin

The aim of the project is to develop and to test building-integrated technologies of water treatment and water purification for the irrigation and fertilization of building-integrated greenhouse farms. The hygienically safe use of related water and nutrient flows is at focus. The project includes research on the potentials and opportunities of building-typological and urban spatial integration of Roof Water-Farm types for fish- and plant production. Challenges and risks of the transferability of this comprehensive infrastructural technology will be analyzed within the context of an innovative urban water resource management and urban food production. Guidances for different actors as well as media of communication will be developed and published.

More information: or

Picture: liquid landscapes // Lecture Performance // Christine Borch + Anja Steglich

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landscapes in transition

published // source: RAUMbeziehungen, Susanne Lorenz & Francis Zeischegg (Hrg.), University for Fine Arts HfBK Hamburg & Burg Giebichenstein University for Art and Design Halle, 2009

The paper is part of the cooperation within the project `RAUMbeziehungen´, directed by Susanne Lorenz and Francis Zeischegg, conceptualized as a dialogue between the cities Halle and Hamburg. It`s linking some aspects of Geography as a spatial science and the discussion about cultural landscapes, to interpret the transformation of landscape as a cultural transition.  The language is german.

Der Artikel entstand in Kooperation mit dem Projekt `RAUMbeziehungen´, koordiniert von Susanne Lorenz und Francis Zeischegg und konzipiert als Dialog zwischen den Städten Halle und Hamburg. Er stellt Bezüge zwischen der Geographie als Raumwissenschaft und dem kulturwissenschaftlichen Diskurs um den Begriff der Landschaft her, um Landschaftsveränderung  als kulturellen Transformationsprozess zu verstehen.

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