applied research & communication // in cooperation with Urban Design // TU Berlin

The aim of the project is to develop and to test building-integrated technologies of water treatment and water purification for the irrigation and fertilization of building-integrated greenhouse farms. The hygienically safe use of related water and nutrient flows is at focus. The project includes research on the potentials and opportunities of building-typological and urban spatial integration of Roof Water-Farm types for fish- and plant production. Challenges and risks of the transferability of this comprehensive infrastructural technology will be analyzed within the context of an innovative urban water resource management and urban food production. Guidances for different actors as well as media of communication will be developed and published.

More information: or

Picture: liquid landscapes // Lecture Performance // Christine Borch + Anja Steglich

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City Mixing.

currently teaching at SKuOR/ TU Vienna

masters module summer term 2013

program: here

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Workshop in the frame of the symposium and seminar “Dialectics between urban imagineries and urban materialities” at/ with SKuOR/ TU Vienna and Daniel Aschwanden

January 21 – January 25

program: here

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The workshop is calling students and professionals from all disciplines linked to spatial research, spatial development and spatial design.

date: 20th – 25th february 2012

location: Uferstudios Berlin

program: download flyer (pdf, 418 kb)


In spatial and movement research the use of the term `landscape ́ is often understood as something external to and independent of the body. Climate change, high dynamics in urban development and new social movements are asking for methods, to read, interpret, design and to choreograph landscapes as structures of transformation.

We believe that how the body interacts with the landscape shapes its structure simultaneously as the landscape informs the body. Questioning approaches and perceptions of movement, rhythm and sequence could lead to methods of perceiving and designing landscapes as performative processes.

The workshop is presented in the context of Hybrid Platform, an initiative of the Berlin University of the Arts and the technical University of Berlin, to support projects in research and education in the heart of Campus Charlottenburg Berlin.

kindly supported by Uferstudios BerlinTU Berlin, Campus Charlottenburg, UdK Berlin and Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin

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wilderness & sustainability

08/10/09 // workshop and field trip //  National Park Bayrischer Wald

conference program (in german)

invited by:  Evangelische Akademie Tutzing

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30/10/09 Workshop // HfBK Hamburg // Bachelor Design

invited by:  Prof. Susanne Lorenz

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2006 // 2007 // 2008 // 2009 at Martin-Luther-University MLU Halle-Wittenberg, Institute for Geosciences, Department Spatial and Environmental Planning

The seminars explain the relevance of different planning instruments. They train practices in landscape design, which interact with different working fields and subject areas.

Die Seminare erklären die Wirkungsweise verschiedener Planungsinstrumente. Sie trainieren Praktiken der Landschaftsgestaltung, die in verschiedene Tätigkeitsfelder und Themenbereiche hinein wirken können.

Bachelor Degree: concepts+methods in spatial and environmental planning

Master Degree: space, landscape, governance – dimensions of design

Master Degree: planning for real – sustainable urbanism

Master Degree: storytelling – telling landscapes

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2009 // concept and organisation // supported by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ, Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil IAB and TU Berlin

06-16/04 workshop, walks and lectures Rio de Janeiro

20-24/07 workshop, walks and lectures Berlin

The borderlining.workshopseries are about transcultural learning in cities dialogues such as Rio de Janeiro and Berlin. They are asking for cultural images, sceneries and characteristics about landscape, open spaces and infrastructure. They are looking for practices in reclaiming ressources, for relationships between space and acteurs, for glocal qualities and phenomens, for parallels, cross-fades and performance in everyday life.

Die borderlining.workshopseries thematisieren transkulturelles Lernen im Städte-Dialog, beispielsweise Rio de Janeiro und Berlin. Sie erfragen kulturelles Image, typische Szenarien oder Charaktere von Landschaft,  Freiraum und Infrastruktur. Sie schauen nach Praktiken der Ressourcenaneignung, nach Relationen zwischen Raum und Nutzer, nach glokalen Qualitäten und Phänomenen, nach Überblendungen und Performance im alltäglichen Leben.

you can visit the BORDERLINING.BLOG

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